Happy New Year 2018!

Before 2017 ends, here's a glimpse of what I've done this year:   captured kids in the playground and classroom; witnessed the joy, nervousness and "naches" of every Bar or Bat Mitzvah; created magical light for head shots; steadied the tripod for that perfect balance of light and position and made people laugh by acting super silly!

I took pictures of babies from 3 months old up to senior citizens at 95 years old; brought studio lights to offices, home libraries, my front yard and school campuses.  I went to the beach, found Las Vegas in Pacific Palisades, and carefully balanced my tripod to make Pasadena City Hall light up gloriously in the night sky.  I witnessed nervous 13 year old boys and girls become Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and transform into poised young adults.

It's been a wonderful year!


What are your goals for 2018?

Mine are simple:  learning the differences between Kanye, Kendrick and Jay-Z, discovering more podcasts like "Bronzeville", traveling to see my children who live so far away, and letting people know how much I appreciate their support.

I'll start with that last goal right now:

Thank you for your kind words, appreciation and joy at the lasting memories I created for you.

Cheers to more of those memories, however you wish to celebrate!


dana pepper bouton

Dana Bouton