Shane's Bar Mitzvah {Pasadena Mitzvah Photographer}

I love shooting family portraits at Pasadena Jewish Temple because of the beautiful archways and Spanish style architecture of the original building purchased over 75 years ago.  

Because this Temple practices Conservative Judaisim, photography is not allowed before or during the service, which is a little more strict than the Reform Judaism movement.

So we set up and shoot before the rehearsal which is usually held in the afternoon a few days before the real ceremony.  We then go into the sanctuary and shoot during the rehearsal, which runs pretty quickly.  I have to work fast but not act like I am working fast!

This young man is the middle child, which I can totally relate to.  He's the peacemaker and easy going, but very sure of himself.  I was impressed listening to him practice his speech.

After the ceremony we set up again under the archways for extended family portraits.  What a tribute to our Bar Mitzvah that his family travelled from so many different places, like Mexico City!

Later on he had a reception at his house in Pasadena, which was another architectural treasure with it's stately columns and lush green lawn.  I love backyard parties- so much more intimate and relaxed and there's lots of room for the kids to run around while the adults "kibbitz".  

Thanks to Jill Hawkins of Miller Hawkins Events, DJ Adam Kruger with In the House Entertainment, Sierra Fusion Catering and Recess Ice Cream for making this party so much fun for all ages.

Mazel Tov!