viva la 40th! {los angeles event photographer}

Although I've shot events with over 300 people, it's such a treat to be at smaller parties in people's homes where I can take my time to get to know my clients and their family and friends.

So I was excited to get this assignment referred to me by Miranda Corbell, a colleague of mine who has shot the most beautiful pictures of their family over the years.

As soon as I walked in their house and was warmly greeted by my client's mother with her Texas accent and her southern hospitality, I knew I'd fit in right away!

Not only was everyone so nice and easy to work with, I loved capturing the small details of the party. They had gorgeous flowers simply arranged on tables outside and a fabulous buffet inside the house, along with a rose covered birthday cake.

The husband is an orthopedic surgeon and his wife, an actress, wanted to do a special celebration for his 40th birthday. She created a Vegas theme, complete with an authentic sign, some silly pictures of her husband emblazoned on playing cards, gambling tables, fabulous food, flowers and a gorgeous cake.

Their outfits sparkled and their personalities shined, and so it didn't take long for all the guests to join in on the fun!

There was lots of gambling, efforts to master the tricky game of craps, and some tough losses at the blackjack table.

Then everyone sang a rousing happy birthday song and a heartfelt speech was made by the birthday boy.

But I have to say, I think their 3 year old little guy with his gold sparkle bow tie stole the show.

I think you'll agree after seeing my favorite pictures from the party!