Jessica's Bat Mitzvah {Westlake village bat mitzvah photographer}

Did I fall in love with this family first?  Or did I fall in love with this gorgeous hotel first?  Well, I'd have to go with the family and then the stunning Westlake Village Inn a close second.  

Although the day was pretty hot, we did our pre-ceremony portraits under the beautiful arbor with the stone columns, blooming jasmine and purple agapanthus as our background.  

Jessica, our Bat Mitzvah girl, works as a model so she had great posture (all young ladies should do this, whether they model or not!) and just instinctively knew how to pose.  Her sister was an excited bundle of energy but she was supportive and proud of her big sis.  Mom and Dad were genuinely the nicest people, and although they must have been nervous, as all parents can be, they willingly spoke supportive and encouraging words to their daughter and let me capture it all with my camera.

The ceremony was held outside overlooking the golf course, during midday so it was not only hot but very bright; however, it was a unique opportunity to shoot a Mitzvah ceremony a little more close up without being crammed into the back room of a Temple Social Hall.

Cantor Michael Li-Paz from the Valley Outreach Synagogue, did a wonderful job with Jessica and imparted some words of wisdom about life and it's challenges.  It's how we react to them and try to move on with what it's front of us that is important.

After that, family and friends retreated to the reception room, with it's gorgeous views and air conditioning, and indulged in a fabulous buffet brunch.  DJ/MC Joe Pera and his colleague Brandon from vox djs got the party started with games and dancing, although arguably the moms and younger kids got into the act a little earlier!

Sarah, Jessica's mom, owns Sarah Horowitz Parfums and set up tables for Sarah's friends to create their own unique scent.  I can attest to Sarah's talent and passion because I have two of her perfumes, as well as a cute little sample perfume and essential oils kit.  I am hooked and in awe of her passion and talent.

Thanks to Melissa Kobe, who was my assistant and also the boss at capturing candids during the ceremony.

And a big thanks to Miranda Corbell.  She is a preeminent family photographer based out of Woodland Hills, and she recommended me to this beautiful and loving family.

Mazel Tov to Jessica!

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