Smorgasburg LA {Los Angeles Street Photographer}

Although my dream of being a photojournalist and traveling the world has evolved into shooting events and portraits for paying clients, there's still that part of me who yearns to roam the streets with my camera, alone.  

A street photographer embodies a combination of shyness and boldness; instinctively you know when to stalk your subject, and when to ask for that shot; You're attracted by the absurd and the odd juxtaposition;  you have an insatiable curiosity and the ability to turn the mundane into a work of art or at least a question mark.  

I've studied dozens of street photographers over the years, and taken some of their classes.  I tear up when I see their images hung in a museum wall or gallery space.  No Impressionist painting can make the hair on my arms stand on end and put a lump in my throat like a haunting black & white photograph by someone like Berenice Abbott or Diane Arbus.

It's sometimes a very selfish way of expressing yourself, choosing what you think is interesting, and freely shooting without worry of exploiting your subjects or exposing an ugly background.  It's always thrilling, a little sexy, but kind of scary.  It challenges you to look more closely and find the treasure behind what seems ordinary at first glance.  You also have to extroverted so you fit in with your surroundings, but be introverted when it's time to stand away and focus on what you think is important.

Last month I was at Smorgasburg LA, and while it's not trolling the streets of New York and shooting in mostly black & white, I managed to capture some interesting and mouth watering pictures.  

I love new discoveries, and this was one of them.   It's celebrating the best of Los Angeles in a hip new part of town where my husband has gone to work for the last 35 years, The Alameda Produce Market!  He was struck by the transformation of the market he walks almost everyday.  On Sundays, the roll up doors are closed, the forklifts are idle and the five acre parking lot turns into a food, clothing, accessories and craft haven, along with a little quirky music accompaniment for hundreds of people of all ages and ethnicities.  

When we looked beyond the food trucks and the picnic tables, there were the parked forklifts, rotting fruits and vegetables, and the familiar signs of the produce companies.

But our hunger and thirst became more acute so it was time to get serious about finding food and drink.  And yes, we did:  donuts, hot dogs, lobster rolls, pork belly, more pork belly, pasta, tacos, coffee, cheese in all forms, noodles, beer, and so much more.

Pulled pork torta with big soft buns? Yep, hubby got that with a Diet Coke chaser.  Chilaquiles topped with a fried egg and a strawberry coconut ice cream chaser?  Yup, that was me! It went down so fast, there was no time to record that picture!  But see if you can spot me doing a stealth selfie.

Cannot wait to go back.  But on a cooler day!